Our Mission

How Do We Help the Seniors of Calgary?

Our mission statement at East Village Seniors Association of Calgary is to be the voice of all seniors and those over 55 living in the community of East Village.

We aim to achieve transparent communication with the leaders of our community, city and governments and to express our support and concerns on issues related to our quality of life.

To accomplish this, we use our collective wisdom learned from life experiences to express our interests in a respectful manner using the skills of listening, collaboration, cooperation and negotiation.



To Help Improve the Quality of Live in Our Community

To be the voice and representative of all full-time seniors of the East Village on issues related to our collective quality of life.

To Collaborate

To collaborate, support, and provide feedback to the Service Providers of the East Village to ensure their programs are meeting the needs of our Community.

To Drive Participation and Engagement

And to increase the participation within the Community by arranging with businesses to provide discounts for our membership so we can afford to purchase goods and services.

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